Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panasonic Softphone

Panasonic softphone is a piece of software that runs on your PC and performs functionalities of an actual telephone. It is known as KX-NCS0350 in US or KX-NCS8100 in UK and the rest of the world.

Panasonic softphone supports KX-TDA 100 and higher, including KX-TDE and KX-NCP PBX. It is a proprietary softphone, which means it does not work with PBX of other brands, nor does it supports SIP. However, Panasonic PBX does support SIP through third party SIP phones.

The main feature of Panasonic softphone is it looks exactly like the real telephone, but sitting in your PC desktop. This provides a user-friend interface for users that are more familiar with the physical telephone. It is best to use a headphone with a microphone with the softphone.

The setup of Panasonic softphone involves more network configuration than normal 'plug-and-play' physical telephone. You have to first register the softphone to the PBX (following the steps in the manual) before you can start using it. That being said, you should purchase a license from your Panasonic dealer before registering or using the softphone.