Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Wi-Fi

I recently came across 'Super Wi-Fi' technology which makes me rethink the possibilities of wireless connectivity. Super WiFi is a wireless technology that enables long range WiFi connectivity to up to 900 metres, as opposed to common WiFi range of 200 metres.

Although not really based on WiFi technology (2.4Ghz frequency range), Super WiFi can be easily used together with WiFi devices to extend the coverage of an area. Imagine being able to surf the Internet easily within a few blocks area with just one Super WiFi base station - no addtional extenders, no APs.

One example of Super WiFi application is setting up an ad-hoc telecommunication network for disaster or emergency use. With just one Super WiFi base station, rescue team can easily setup a telecommunication network with a PBX and wireless cellphones. With quicker setup and better communication on the scene, rescuers have better chances in handling the situation.