Saturday, December 26, 2009

NEC PBX Series

Unlike other PBX manufacturers, NEC started in the communications line. Therefore, NEC series of PBX models is long. This article is going to list those more recent PBX models, starting from the 90's.

Year : Series
1980's and 1990's : NEAX (analogue)
2002 : NEAX IPS and IPX (hybrid)
2004 : Elite IPK (hybrid)
2006 : Elite IPK II (hybrid)
2006 : Aspila TOPAZ / XEN Topaz / XN120 (hybrid)
2007 : Aspila/Aspire EX (hybrid)
2008 : DS and DSX (IP)
2009 : UNIVERGE (IP)

In the timeline above, you will also notice that the PBX models changed from circuit-switched (analogue) to hybrid to IP-switched architecture.

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